Miracle Reed is a native of Pittsburgh, PA and has been committed to serving God as well as people since 1994!! It was certainly apparent from the very beginning that her life would be an inspiration to many. She was born 3 months premature, weighing 1.6lbs at birth, placing her in the 20th percentile of babies who survive weighing a little over a pound. Not only did the “Great Physician” take over but He allowed the life of one, to prove to all those who would meet her, that nothing is impossible with God. There is no wonder why her name is Miracle!

Under the leadership of Donald Clay- Senior Pastor of Petra International Ministries (a congregation of 1,500 at the time), Miracle ministered her first official sermon at the age of 7 years. This was only a small glimpse of what was to come but yet another indicator that a series of miraculous events would follow her life. Shortly following her first sermon, it was a known fact that Miracle was no average child but indeed called and set aside to inspire and represent God. By the age of 13 yrs old an extensive itinerary of ministry opportunities for various churches, group homes, correctional facilities, and Colleges had become her life. As a 15 year old teenager the Lord spoke to Miracle concerning a Youth Ministry of her own, that would take place in the home of her grandmother, where she lived. This Youth Ministry (Generation for Christ) was known throughout the city of Pittsburgh for 4 years and was featured in the Pittsburgh Courier and television stations for its impact in the community. Without much emphasis being given on the awards, acknowledgements, and achievements that have been received, it’s readily known of her presence and influence in and outside the church everywhere she goes.

As a result of Miracle being the daughter of parents that have struggled with drug addiction, she stands tall as an Advocate of Hope and Inspiration for people who have been challenged with this same storm. She provides and presents “The way” for people, in seeing first hand a process of freedom within the lives of her own parents. People often wonder, “How she managed to accomplish all that she has, with experiencing great turmoil, neglect, and confusion.” She often responds with, “I knew from the time I was a child that I could either feel alone, live in sorrow and anger or I could become empowered by every experience, building a Bridge of Hope for others, while creating one for myself. I chose the latter.” Her obedience, passion and love for God have given her the opportunities to not only preach, but counsel and pastor not only in the United States, Caribbean and also Canada.

She is a graduate of the Marilyn J Davis School of the Bible where she received her licensed for ministry as well as a diploma in the Bible. She is also a graduate of Geneva College where she completed her undergraduate studies, receiving Bachelor degrees in both Biblical Studies and Human Services. She has created Ministry Discipleship programs such as Why Me, Yes You, and Higher Ground as well the author of When God Vetoes Your Plan, Living Out Loud in a Silent World and Treasured: The Truth about your worth and value. Along with 7 new book projects on the go, she is determined to inspire and empower people around the world.

After 4 years of serving Timbers Community Church as the Associate Pastor in British Columbia, Canada, she took a leap of faith and transitioned to the US as of June 2015. One year following this transition, she took yet another leap of faith, but this leap would literally take her the Mother Land , “Africa”. For 3 months she lived, served, ministered and provided for the needs of both Uganda and Kenya. Having only 1 contact on the continent, God honored her obedience. She hopped on a plan July of 2016 and had experiences that could never be explained with words. Lives were changed, people were fed, children are no longer sleeping on dirt or using sticks to brush their teeth. This was due to one woman’s decision to obey the voice of God and the decision of many people around the world who gave thousands of dollars to help Miracle fulfill the purpose that God has given her. She was honored as the Goodwill Ambassador of Saint Ann Foundation in Uganda and is the works of fulfilling a vision of bringing change to developing countries around the world. People often say, “You never know what Miracle will do next” because she truly desires Gods will above everything and is willing to literally go to the ends of the earth to carry out God’s purpose. Only God could have orchestrated that step and only God could have established such Favor in her life. Truly, her life is a testament of complete surrender and humility.

 Miracle is currently assisting churches, as a Ministry Development Consultant, providing them with strategies, leadership implementation and church growth workshops and development. Along with this, she the Co Host of Swords of Light on Pittsburgh’s local channel 21.

She believes that the only limit in life is that which we create and that one must be open to God without restraints, to truly live without limits. Her life from the very beginning has been living proof that there are no limits when God is in control. It is her desire to live a life that inspires others to welcome the plan of God and to experience the beauty of a life that results from being completely surrendered to God.