This week, we are discussing key points from chapter 15 of “When God Vetoes Your Plan”. Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed!! May you be inspired and encouraged as we travel through the limitless life that God is making available to us!!

Key Points

  • Don’t carry your yesterday into your today!
  • Every obstacle in your life has the ability to move you forward or hold you back. The choice is in your hands.
  • Carry on what you need! Life will come with enough weight of its own.
  • Allow your life to be a testimony of where you were (not where you are, meaning you remain stuck).
  • Trust God to provide all that you need.
  • Create No Back Up Plan, Trust Him fully!
  • The baggage carried from your past, will be the same baggage carried into your future.
  • Let Go of what you thought you needed and embrace what God is trying to give you!

Be Blessed, and feel free to share, leave comments, or questions!