This week, we are discussing key points from chapter 17 of “When God Vetoes Your Plan”. Your thoughts, comments and

questions are welcomed!! May you be inspired and encouraged as we travel through the limitless life that God is making

available to us!!

Fear Came Knocking!

Key Points

  • Daily consider the people that have contributed to who you are today, remembering that it is God who empowered them to do what they did!
  • Always remember that the perfected love that you experience from people is because of God not because of them.
  • God uses people to show us how loved we are by Him.
  • Don’t focus so much on the love that your receive from people that you lose sight of the love daily made available to you by God.
  • Walk in the power and strength of Gods all knowing ability
  • Fear often rules in our lives when we have in some way stop completely depending on God.
  • Trust God to provide all of your needs!

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