This week, we are discussing key points from chapter 18 of “When God Vetoes Your Plan”. Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed!! May you be inspired and encouraged as we travel through the limitless life that God is making available to us!!

The Journey!

Key Points

  • Our Journey is often the lesson learned and the destination is the reward of that lesson.

  • Life comes with unexpected encounters but that doesn’t mean that your life has to be completed wrecked by those encounters.

  • You can make the decision to become empowered by what you’ve experienced and not weakened. The choice is yours.

  • The Journey can teach you things that you’ve never imagined. So, while you are excited about what’s to come, find joy and appreciation in your “right now”.

  • Look for the blessing along the way and don’t become distracted by the route that yo are on.

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