This week, we are discussing key points from chapter 21 of “When God Vetoes Your Plan”. Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcome!! May you be inspired and encouraged as we travel through the limitless life that God is making available to us!!

Life of Freedom!

Key Points

  • The purpose of a limitless life is to move us beyond what we can do, and begin trusting God is all that He can do through us.
  • Don’t allow what used to keep you bound in your yesterdays have power over you today.
  • Live each day knowing that God’s best for you will always outweigh your ideal.
  • A life of Freedom is a life that is no longer hindered or bound by personal limitations.
  • A life of Freedom will bring a level of Joy that can only be attained in Christ.
  • A life of Freedom is a life that fully understands the importance of letting God be God, and taking the back seat.

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