This week, we are discussing key points from chapter 4 of “When God Vetoes Your Plan”. Your thoughts, comments and questions are welcomed!! May you be inspired and encouraged as we travel through the limitless life that God is making available to us!!

Key Points

  • The Privileged Life is not limited to what you have or what you think you are worth.
  • The Privileged is defined by who you are in the eyes of God and the original intent (purpose) that you have been created for.
  • No matter what you’ve done the love of God covers.
  • Do not limit yourself to financial gain, but depletion of fulfillment and joy
  • Financial Freedom does not not mean privileged life. However a freed life does!
  • You will never be limited by what you don’t have. However, you will be limited based on your lack of belief in yourself.
  • Press forward because who you are and whose you are the key defining factors in your life.
  • Recognize that your life story is freedom to all those who will listen.
  • Your identity is rooted in Christ!