BOOKGod consistently blows me away! The production of this book is a direct reflection of His love, grace, and goodness!! This week’s inspiration is to inspire and speak life over every dream that you have in your life!! It’s not too late. I had no idea how God would develop 2 books before the year ended but He did. I didn’t do it, He did it and when we allow God to be God in our lives there are no limits to what He can do!!


There are no limits to what God can do in and through you!!

Have you ever felt like giving up, throwing in the towel, and walking away from everything you once desired? Have you lost hope in what used to be your aspiration in life? In many ways, you may have even thought that God had gotten in the way of your plans. If you can relate, then this book is for you! When God Vetoes Your Plan invites you to explore the endless possibilities of living a life without limits. In fact, this book may open your eyes to see that your life is limited to the degree to which you allow. As you travel through the journey of a 1.6-pound, three-month-premature baby into womanhood as a pastor, you might be inspired to dream again, receive hope to believe in yourself, and be empowered to never look back at what was another day!

GET YOUR COPY TODAY!!! “When God Vetoes Your Plan” ~Available on and Barnes & Noble

Purchase the book from (click here)

Purchase the book from Barnes and Noble (click here)