goldenticketDuring my recent birthday travels I watched a movie on the plane, “Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. I found myself going back to fond memories of all that the movie brought to mind. However, in the process of thinking on those memories, I couldn’t help but think about the concept of “The Golden Ticket”. I immediately began to think about the things that I desire, the things that I already have, but also all that I have access to because of my Father. In this movie, people all across the world are searching for “The Golden Ticket”, a ticket  that will give them access into the mysteries and pleasures of a factory that produces everything good, sweet, and to a perfection that one could ever imagine. I couldn’t help but see parallels in my personal relationship and understanding of who God is, and what He offers as a result of receiving “His Golden Ticket”.

During one point in the movie, everyone thought that the last ticket had been found but it was a hoax, a counterfeit, a man-made alteration of the real “Golden Ticket”. The implications behind someone creating or fabricating the real thing speaks volumes in comparison to the counterfeit things we create in our culture, in order to have access into various places or with various people. How very important it is to keep in mind  the original intent and creation of God’s golden ticket in our personal lives. What God makes available to you and I has nothing to do with what we can create but we allow him to be and do in and with us. In life, there will be decisions that need to be made in order to receive all that God has for us. This often means giving up our will, that we are able to accept his.

Interestingly enough, the last ticket was awarded to a young boy named Charlie who came from a “poor” family. However, in the midst of him coming from a family that did not have much money, what they did have was love, integrity, selflessness, and humility; unlike the other winners of the ticket. Up to this point in your life you may have felt like everyone has received their golden ticket, and all you’ve ended up with was false alarms but be encouraged in this very moment, that as the year quickly whines down; it’s not over. Charlie had an interesting role because in many ways he represented humanity in the sense of lacking much, but having it all. As he entered into the chocolate factory his eyes and demeanor were full of excitement and wonder. In his curiosity he and his grandfather made a decision that seemingly caused him the true reward of “The Golden Ticket”. However Mr.Wonka, the creator and owner of the factory was looking for one thing, “Honesty and Responsibility” and that is exactly what Charlie had. In many ways, one could compare the Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory to that of “The Garden of Eden”. Both places represented a state of complete contentment, perfection if you will. However, in order to maintain this state, one must maintain character that is not only true, but has been tried and proven to be faithful.

“The Golden Ticket” gives you access into a realm, a state of mind, a type of life that is beyond anything that you could have created for yourself. However, the key in maintaining the ticket that represents freedom and complete joy is based on your ability to remain honest and responsible over that which has been given to you. There will be temptation just like in this movie as well as in the Garden of Eden. However,  your ability to allow God to make the crooked paths straight, is found in your ability to see above and beyond the “Golden Ticket” and recognize the eternal benefits. Charlie and his grandfather were the last two standing, but the reason why they were still present was not because they had done no wrong, it was simply because what they had done in and of itself had only “temporary” results. However, what we see towards the end of the movie is that Mr.Wonka had known all about their drinking of the “fizzy lifting juice”. He had known the whole time but yet he waited for a specific response from Charlie. What Charlie did at the end of the movie, giving him access above and beyond what he could have ever imagined, was returning the “Everlasting Gobstopper”. Once Charlie gave the gobstopper to Mr.Wonka, look at his response, “So shines a good deed in a weary world”. Wow!!! In essence, all God is looking for is someone who is willing to shine above the weariness of culture and society. There is a depth of life that you’ve been given access to. At this point, I could definitely draw various comparisons to scripture but I will continue with this. That which was given to Charlie as the “Everlasting Gobstopper” could not have been fully enjoyed, knowing that he was not in right standing with the creator of it. At this point in your life, you could either act like you have not made certain decisions, or you could take ownership of the decisions made, and acknowledge that life without the creator is pointless.

The life that you have been destined to live as a result of being given “The Golden Ticket” of freedom, salvation, and every other good and perfect gift is based on your relationship with God, the Creator of it all. “The Golden Ticket” not only awarded Charlie into the Factory to see and experience the first hand wonder of the mastermind, “Mr.Wonka” but at the end of the movie, Charlie, his grandfather, and Mr.Wonka got in a dome like vehicle that shattered the roof of where they had been (Inside the Factory) and they flew around the entire area, having a view that they could have only dreamed of. The smile and joy that Mr.Wonka had in making all of that and more available to Charlie is like that of God sending his son into the world that we all may have access to a life that we never could have imagined. Charlie would be given the keys, the secrets, and ownership over the “Chocolate Factory” and it was his character that brought him to that place.

You see the, the other winners had the golden ticket as well, but they lost their ability to have access. You can live your entire life with the “Golden Ticket” but has your character limited you from the access that has been destined for your life? “The Golden Ticket” will not keep you where your character will not sustain you. You have the ticket but do you have the character? There is a ceiling that you have been living beneath and God desires to place you in a “vehicle”, relationship, life that literally shatters the ceiling “limitations” of what you’ve had up to this point. You have been given “The Golden Ticket” because God desires to live out his wonders, dreams, and genius through you. “The Golden Ticket” has been given to you, how far will you go with it? The choice is up to you!

Miracle Reed

Love God. Love People. Love Life.