let it goWe’ve all done it at some point; whether its been a fashion statement, job, or relationship. We’ve held on to things and people for far too long and once we realized that our current life had been drained, we had already grew accustom to our state of being. Often times we make excuses as to why we just can’t let “it” go and before we know it, life has a completely different look. However, I am a believer that no situation is ever hopeless, there are only people who remain unwilling. Maybe, you had become unwilling and as a result of that, you feel totally stuck but allow me to take a moment and encourage you with this: You’ve been created to never be bound to a person or a situation. So even now in this moment I declare freedom and courage to let it go.

Sure, this may be a process that comes with hurt and maybe even discomfort but the end result will be that “You got your life back”.

It’s time to live your life free from every weight and free from every burden. You deserve it! No really, YOU do. You deserve to wake up with a smile, you deserve to not be bitter, you deserve to be free! Don’t allow what people may say to keep you from letting “it” go. So what, if they blast you on Fb, twitter, and Instagram. Keep it MOVING. It’s your time to live, it’s your time to be free, it’s Your time to LET IT GO!!!!

I’d love to hear your response, thoughts, and areas of encouragement.

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Love God.Love People.Love Life

Miracle Reed