imageIn life we make many commitments, most of which we do not keep or at least alter along the way. However, there is a path in life that is secured not based on what you say but based on what you choose to do. We often miss out on many experiences because we back down, settle, or simply put “give up”. Having an approach in life that is never committed one way or the other, will keep us in the hallway of indecision. This is not the life we were destined to live.

The hallway of indecision may look nice because it places you in close proximity to what you desire, but in the mean time, the truth remains. You are as a close to what you desire as you allow yourself to be. It’s not just about being properly positioned; it’s also about being properly prepared. Are you ready for what you say or are you comfortable with the idea? Are you willing to “Let your Yes be Yes” today because its comfortable or in the days to come, when you feel like giving up?

The truth is found in what you are willing to do, not only today but tomorrow and the days to follow. We must find ourselves in a place that not only reflects our commitment to God, but our commitment to really “Live”. Allowing your “Yes” to remain the same no matter what you are experiencing can be a challenge. But the greater challenge is to take a stand against living a life that is robbing you, of who you really are. Can I encourage you to never cheat yourself out of the life that you’ve been promised by compromising your “Yes” for people, family, employment, or even relationships?

You’ve been created to uphold a standard that can only be maintained by you. No one can make you or even influence you to live your best life now, but deep down inside your commitment to maintaining your “Yes” will be ever present before you. You say, how so? Well, if you live each day with your eyes wide open to new possibilities, doors, ideas, and people, there will be an overarching theme of “Yes-Maintaining your commitment”. However, you must keep your eyes open to the signs, the clues that reveal themselves when we dare to come out of our “box like” mentality.

I encourage you to no longer live your life, walking down the hall of indecision, when committing to your “Yes” can unlock various doors. You don’t have to spend another day wandering the halls of what looks like familiarity, when all the while you have been living your life in a cycle. It’s time to commit, it’s time to live, it’s time to move on, to move forward..To finally “Let your Yes be Yes.”

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Miracle Reed

Love God. Love People. Love Life