You know, life is interesting. Often times we feel that we’ve figured this thing out,  called “life” but then it hits us, we have no idea of miracle-reed-44what’s going on and everything we thought we knew, no longer makes sense. However, if the truth be told most of what we thought made sense, didn’t from the very beginning. In many ways we learn to camouflage behind what we thought people wanted to see and even what we secretly desired as well. We run from the truth that lies within, which is that major work needs to be done on the inside. It is my hope that once you’ve finished reading this inspirational, you are compelled to dig deep inside, challenging yourself to let go of the old you.

The you, that you used to know is no more. In fact, the old you was only an imitation of what other people had created. Being willing to look at yourself in the mirror and be completely honest about what you see is a task within itself.  However, looking at yourself in the mirror and being willing to say that real change needs to take place is another. The fact that remains true, is that the real you has been “made-up”, created by others, and in many ways a clone. I know, you don’t want to admit that there’s  more than what you see and that there is more than what you could imagine because this places the responsibility on you.  But in this inspirational, I want to present to you a gift; a gift to be you, a gift to be free, a gift that has been waiting for you, your entire life. I know people hurt you, I know they said they would never leave, I know you never recovered after hitting rock bottom financially. But let me encourage you with this: You are still here.

You often counted yourself out, many days you felt like you weren’t good enough, and on any given day you felt like giving up. Trust me when I say, I know what that’s like. I know what it’s like to see other people seemingly progressing and to you, your life is at a stand still. I know what it’s like to look at the marriages of friends and family and feel like there is lack in your personal life. But can I tell you there is sunshine after the storm, even rainbows that remind us of God’s promise are sometimes presented at the same time as the storm. This indicates that there is something greater coming, there is something better on the horizon and your response to your “right now” will ultimately determine your “not yet”.

I spent some time over the past few years, doing personal inventory of my life. I placed everything in God’s hands and at that moment I became who God is creating me to be, even right now in this moment. I began to live a completely stress free life, filled with a joy that I can’t contain and can I tell you it feels so “good”. I literally wake up smiling ready for what the day will bring. I desire the same for you. There is nothing like knowing who you are, where you are, and what you are doing is what you’ve been created to do. I believe that in all of our lives, we must come to a place of being completely in love with who we are, flaws and all and being bold enough  to accept the changes that need to take place. You don’t have to fight the whole entire process, just let it happen. We become comfortable defending who we used to be, that we lose sight of who we are today. In my upcoming book, “When God Vetoes Your Plan” there is a chapter that talks about moving on from where you were and embracing where you are. This is imperative in your journey of change, growth, and authenticity.

People may think they know you based on who you were, but that’s not who you are. You see, they can’t see how that last relationship made you stronger because they remember your tears. They can’t seeing you in all of your success because they remember when you were sleeping on their couch and borrowing money. They can’t see the joy that you possess because they remember the bitterness and they certainly can’t see you happy because they remember when you were miserable but can I encourage you to  look at yourself  in the mirror and say, “Look at me Now”…Ha! Yes, Yes! Your days ahead are far much greater than your days behind..My sister, my brother you have not seen your best days yet!!

You are in a season of letting go of what people thought of you and also what they did to you; and every once in a while you need to remind yourself that you are no longer stuck in that cycle. Pick yourself up, spend not another day in depression and the lies that you’ve believed and take a good look at yourself. You are still here, You made it. You could have quit, you could have made different choices but you stayed the course. When look at yourself in the mirror I dare you to say, “Look at Me Now”…Not so bad for someone who was once heart broken, once depressed, once lost, once someone else…..You’ve done well for yourself, so keep moving FORWARD, the only direction that life was meant to be lived.

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Miracle Reed

Love God. Love People. Love Life