Founder, Miracle Reed though having preached her first sermon 20 years ago, she has 14 consecutive years of traveling the world as an Evangelist of the Gospel. 6 of the 14 years have been spent in the Virgin Islands as a Youth Pastor/ Ministry Developer and also in British Columbia, Canada as the Associate Pastor for a progressive C.M.A ministry. Throughout the years, there have been various multicultural and interdenominational experiences that have provided her with an expertise and strategy of implementation to help other ministries. Through MRInc, Miracle provides development, skills, and strategies to promote growth, strength and stability.

In order to establish a proper foundation and tools of implementation, a minimum of 6months is recommended and or suggested. However, if significant development takes place (or does not) before the designated 6 months, new terms are welcomed and will be suggested. The foundation of growth and stability within ministries heavily depends upon the leadership team that has been set in place. As a ministry development consultant, my role is to: evaluate the old plan, suggest and implement a new plan, and establish consistency with team leaders; while training and equipping them as well. The key component of success in any department is unity and a dedication to the goal at hand. This is something that I can’t create but I can cultivate the desire that is already readily known.  This is indeed a part of the consultation, helping the specified ministry see the vision of the Senior Pastor, not only for the entire congregation but for this specified ministry group.




The weekly objective is to see significant improvement and growth in attendance for Sunday morning services, ministry involvement and Bible Study. This will be established by going back to the basics of the NT church, establishing community and building relationships. If a young married woman or man do not see the need or value in complete dedication to the benefit of their spiritual development, they will not come neither will they invest their gifts, times, or finances. It is the same for the single man or woman whose mind is focused on being married or having children. My role in this case is to create and cultivate an environment that they want to be a part of and involved in.

*Key Principle for the weekly objective is helping them see the need for spiritual development within community and finding it to be just as, if not even more important that other social activities.

The monthly objective is to have the young adults once again present for services but also having visible roles monthly during Sunday morning services. “Where there is no visibility there is a lack of desire and need.” We have to bridge the gap and create an environment that is crosses any generational barriers. This may be one of the most challenging aspects of development because being culturally and generationally relative is not always seen to be as important as tradition and doctrine. My role in this case is to create a service once a month that is tailored to this age group. This will require flexibility and a new “eye” and “ear” for this generation.

The long term objective is to have your church become known as church body that has done well with bridging the gaps of tradition vs. relativity, as well as welcoming the beauty and gift of creating an environment that is just as effective for the grandparent as it is for the grandchild.



(Example Only)

First Tier

  • 1 Sunday a Month designated towards specified ministry and involvement (Preaching, The “Central Morning Show” – spotlight young adult testimonies in talk show setting, Specified Altar call for the needs of the specified Ministry, or any other ideas that discussed or created for the benefit of development and growth)


  • Weekly Bible Studies (Tuesday) These studies will be alignment with Senior Pastor.


  • Weekly Impromptu gatherings for counseling, studies, prayer groups, and outings.

Second Tier

  • The continual establishment of creating community and developing accountability (especially amongst those who are single)


  • The continual of growth with visibility beyond once a month.


  • Discovering the spiritual gifts and finding places of services

Third Tier

Developing a stronger young adult leadership team that sees that vision of the Pastor and has a heart for the local church.

Organization Tentative Consultation Plan (non church)

Initial Meeting: Goal intended and Areas of Implementation

Tier 1:

The Purpose of Leadership Development/Team Building

-Who are we
-What do we do
-Why are we needed
-The Foundation of Vision

Tier 2:

Becoming a Change Agent as a Team Leader (Contagious)

-Developing your Department
-Creating Community (events.appreciation.fellowship)
-Setting the standard

Tier 3:

Carrying the Vision of the Leader and Taking ownership of your role

-Shifting Environment from Complacency
-Life Investment as a Farmer (Sowing Seeds) (time and finances)
-Leadership as a Servant

Tier 4:

Moving Forward as a Team not an Individual.

– Engaging your Sphere of Influence
-Planning for Increase (not waiting)
-Starting the year as a flame not a Flicker