imageHave you ever looked at someone and thought they had it “All” together but after getting to know them you realized that even the most “put together” people have their hang ups,  imperfections, and personal struggles. There is no way  that we can assess ones personal life based on what is seen. Furthermore God challenges us through His word to diligently seek Him that we might not lean unto our own understanding but acknowledge him, for the purpose of being  led by Him. Recently God has been teaching me the importance of not only acknowledging but appreciating who and what I have right now at the moment. Just how we look at people and gather assessment in the same way we do that concerning our own lives. We create “lists”, reasons, accomplishments, etc that in many ways we use to identify if we’ve made it or how far we need to go before we do. However, in this season God is challenging us to look around, I mean take a really good look around us and begin the thank HIM for what He has already done, what we already have, and who we already are.

Can you honestly say that something needs to be added to your life  or that your life is in “life altering” need ? If you are currently reading this post, certainly you can’t. In your  hand right now is some sort of electronic device that either has a monthly fee or a one time fee that was not necessarily the least expensive thing in the store. Simple things like what we are using right now is a reflection of what we already have that if anything, enhances our level of wealth that we don’t even acknowledge. The life that you a currently live has brought you to where you are today and if nothing was added to your life, allow me to let you in on a secret “You would still be alive”. Most of what we think we need we can live without and most of what we think we can’t live without, we need. The goal of this week’s inspiration is to realize the portion that you’ve been given, find complete contentment in all that God has for you (not what you’ve created) and loving your life right now.

I spent many days hoping and wishing that my life was different, all while preaching, traveling, and encouraging other people. Do you know how that was possible? Understanding that life is not basked on a feeling but based on reality of all that you have to offer right now. I grew to understand that though I had desires or dreams, there was nothing more that needed to be added and there was nothing that I lacked. When we understand ultimately who God has created us to be, we are then able to fully appreciate all that is before us. Can I encourage you to never assess your life based on lists and such that you’ve created. Take an inventory more often of the ways that you have changed, the people that you have inspired, and the difference that you are making one day at a time. Your life was meant to be lived in full manifestation of what God has promised you and a list, degree, or finances can bring that into manifestation, only your daily submission to God’s plan. God made no mistake with you, nothing Added and Nothing Needed is a place of contentment and joy. When things are added, it’s just a great addition to already amazing person that you are and the already amazing life that you have! Be Encouraged, This is Your Life And only you can define your Joy!

Miracle Reed

A Life That Inspires