heartAs I sit at my desk contemplating all of the amazing things that have been given, I come to the conclusion that though I am not married; I do have a KING. Life has brought various twists and turns that I am sure, you also can attest to. However, when looking over every experience, pit fall, and short coming; one must come to the realization that in the season of “Single-ness” there is a King that sits on the throne of your heart and desires to keep you hidden until it’s your time. In being single myself, I would like to take a moment and share some key tools of fulfillment for you as a single by choice, maybe because of divorce, or even death. Are you ready? Here we go!

You have been found by the One, because you are the One He’s been looking for”.

Elements of Joys as a Single Person

  • Your life does not start or end with a person…It starts when you realize that there are people in this world who could benefit greatly from your presence and it ends the moment your forget that your life makes a DIFFERENCE!
  • There are things that you have access to that you have not used, so don’t be concerned with what you don’t have…Look at all you do, that you haven’t used yet! There is so much in your hands!
  •  Take times to sit back and appreciate all that God is doing in your life, instead of focusing on all of the things that He has not done.
  • Live Each day for what it is, not for what you hope it will be, but for the blessing that it is in this moment!
  • You are loved by the King beyond belief, so take some time out today and look at the many ways He is showing You His Love!

Celebrating the Gift that You Are  

  • Spend some time with God! I am telling you by experience the greatest time spent, is time spent with the King!
  • Create an environment of “celebration” in your home, not desperation, “on the hunt”, or sadness!
  • Write a List of the things that have brought Joy to your life. We spend too much time thinking of all of things that brought disappointment that well fail to keep in mind and to celebrate the things that have brought Joy.
  • Take yourself out to dinner or order in!
  • Find an Amazing Book to Read that makes you laugh and dream! Dreaming activates your faith! Believe God for it
  • Rent some movies that you love, that do not magnify your singleness but celebrates it.    
  • Have a night out with friends.                       “Learning to Celebrate the                                                                         gift that you are is Essential.”


Declaration of Celebration, Love, and Contentment!

Today I celebrate the Gift called me! I am not moved, discouraged, and stressed out because of what other’s have but I celebrate and rejoice on their behalf. I understand that my ability to celebrate and rejoice with my loved ones places in the proper state of mind, leading to gratitude. I declare that my desires and dreams are not forgotten. They will be welcome and available in their proper time. I celebrate the love that I have in my life, the love that has been lost, but ultimately the love that has been found. One thing is true, I have learned from it all. I appreciate the season that I am in because the more I learn to practice “HIS presence”, the more prepared to practice the presence of my “Future”. God I take this time to thank you for who you are in my life, how you have rescued me, and the many ways that you have blessed. I acknowledge that I am, because of you. Daily, you are preparing me and daily I am being made ready. More than anything I desire you will so right now in this moment, I place it all at your feet and I leave it all there. Today, I rejoice because all that I have is because of you and that which I have put away gives me more room to receive all that you have for me. I celebrate life in this moment. I celebrate love in this moment. I celebrate you, God in this moment. My love, My Freedom, My All. Forever you will be THE ONE”

Daily, you are preparing me and daily I am being made ready”.