imageToday is the day we celebrate the birth of the greatest man that ever lived, Jesus the Christ. We enjoy our families, we open our gifts, we welcome “Him” to the festivities but we never come around to singing “His Song”. You know, the song that keeps your life going in a forward direction. The song that reminds you that life is not about you but indeed all about Him. The song that celebrates our reason for life. This song, is the one that is seen and not always heard. This song is displayed by our lives.

We all have desires and we all have things that motivate us to do what we do, but if we are presenting the “cake” which is our lives but not actually giving it to God, which is the “song” then when we will always have a missing ingredient to the celebration that awaits. This week’s inspiration is about leaving nothing out that belongs to the King!
The three wise men came to “Baby Jesus” presenting gifts. Their gifts were not an identifying factor of who he was in the moment (baby) but who he was called to be (King) from birth. That’s amazing! You see in many ways there are parallels between what Jesus was born to do and what we have access to as well. From the beginning of Jesus’ life, he was a threat and on the top of King Herod’s hit list. As a baby, could Jesus do much? No, as an infant was he actually a threat? No! But you see,  King Herod was not concerned  with his age or current status. He was moved to fear, anger, and jealousy as a result of knowing “from the beginning” , He was “born with purpose”. Does that sound familiar? It certainly should!
You and I have been created to live our lives in complete worship and adoration to thee King. However, when we present our lives as if its an option for God to have, rather than our honourable or acceptable (not even that great but will do) worship to Him, it is clear that we have missed it. We brought the cake, but we did not sing His song. We all know what that song sounds like to us an individuals but we also know what God has purposed us to do and to be (image bearers) from the beginning.
Can I encourage you today that as you celebrate, to not forget to “sing” His song. Don’t allow the day of fellowship, fun, food,and presents to miss the main ingredient of the celebration, which is His presence! Take some time today to present your gift, your “song” to the King. Don’t just sit his “cake” in the room and go about your day. Take time to celebrate Him with your friends and family!
Make a point today to bring the cake “Invite His Presence” and sing His Song ” Give him your life, Give Him permission to be GOD in you! He desires to dwell with you, not just participate behind the scenes and get “watered” down credit of all His work in your life! Honor Him with your Song!
Love God. Love People. Love Life
Miracle Reed