Today I would like to take a moment and encourage you & bless you in the season that you are currently in. Often times we forget that God has far more greater things for us than what we could imagine. As a result of losing sight of that we become discouraged and begin to long for the things we’ve lost. However, when we begin to embrace the season that we are in and the ways in which God desires to expand our capacity, we then begin to understand His Plan.


It is my hope and prayer that you never lose sight of what you are walking into by being stuck in where you were! When this happens we allow ourselves be robbed of the joy that comes in embracing your “right now”. Move forward my brother and my sister, letting nothing hinder you from your future. Look up because all of your help comes from above. It doesn’t matter who has left, what was said, or even what you’ve done. What matters is the here and now and your complete surrender to the plan of God.


You best days are not behind you. Your best days are here. You are not next in line, It is Your Turn Right Now! Move Forward and Rejoice where you are!


  • Celebrate the Season you are in

  • Look forward to the¬†future

  • Trust God in the process

  • ¬†Embrace everything that God sends your way

  • All you have is right now, so don’t allow your yesterday to rob you of the Joy that God wants to give you today!