So, you know how I wrote that book back in 2013 titled “When God Vetoes Your Plan”, and you know how I said God was not only inviting me but you as well on a journey to a life without limits?? Well, God just took it up a notch! Towards the end of last year I began to pray and seek God concerning what’s next but never could I have imagined what He would say. I spent weeks in prayer just to ensure that I heard Him correctly and was not influenced by anything or anyone around me. After confirmation and continual prayer, God spoke very clearly to me and said. “Miracle it’s time to get out of the boat of “comfort”, “contentment” and “routine”. It’s time for you to allow me to expose you to a life that you’ve written about, preached about, given counsel about but have only scratched the surface. 2015 will not only be the year of “No Labor” but it will also be the year that you “Own” your life, your dreams and the new platform that I am getting ready to release into your hands.” As if that was not enough, God began to wake me up with very vivid dreams of what’s to come, how it will come and the role I will not have in the process (meaning that I will not be about me doing or saying anything but simply being properly positioned and allowing His favor to follow my obedience to His will).

Most are aware that for the past 6 years I have lived outside of the United States. Directly following my December graduation in 2008 from Geneva College, I moved (10 days later) to the Virgin Islands (St Croix) and spent 2 years serving as the Youth Pastor for Victorious Believers Ministries. After transitioning from the Caribbean and being in the US for 7 months, God then opened a miraculous 4 year door for me to be the Associate Pastor for Timbers Community Church in British Columbia, Canada. I don’t believe in coincidences and I know for sure that it has been God’s strategic plan to have me serve amazing people outside of the United States for these past years. I had this sense of God saying, “Miracle it’s not time. I am molding you and shaping you and I need to do that away from everything that is familiar. In fact, I need to rearrange, renew and revive your mindset concerning your calling to the world for my Glory and also your understanding of cultural relativity and also how it has no place in the Kingdom of God. There is only one culture when you have been adopted in the Body of Christ and that is Kingdom culture. There is no segregation in God’s Kingdom.

However, I must admit that I didn’t have a clue going into this (in reference to living outside of the United States) that God would not only do an amazing work in the people that He allowed me to minister to and walk alongside in their journey, but also the ways in which God would change my Life. I can tell you that I’m not the 15year old Evangelist Miracle Reed that preached 60x a year, God has done such a work in my heart and I am so humbled by that. I have this sense that there is a call greater than ministering within the realm of familiarity or having an itinerary that I’m unable to keep up with. I believe with all of my heart that this next chapter of my life is going to take me to places, people and platforms that I’ve never imagined and I also believe that it will have everything to do with God’s will and not my works. My entire life has been accelerated and it feels so good to be where I am today. I’ve lived my entire life with a scheduler and this summer it’s going out the window (I think..hahah. God may have other plans).

Many people didn’t understand the shift, even my family questioned for a few weeks if I had heard God correctly because of my great love for Canada, the people and all of my family here. However, I couldn’t ignore the fact that my passion was changing, my heart was shifting and something was rising up on the inside of me that could not be contained within the fore-walls of one church. There are people who are searching for hope, truth, love and acceptance. They don’t even know it, but they are really searching for JESUS! I believe what God is leading me to do is exhaust every opportunity, encounter and relationship to bring forth His glory and share Jesus. I don’t know where that will be, how it will be but I know it’s happening! I can feel it!

Insert( God is saying to someone, it’s not about having all of the details it’s about being obedient to what you do know. God gives information on a need to know basis; so what you may think you need to know, you probably don’t. You have been equipped by God and it’s okay if people don’t understand it. It’s your Journey and God is certainly with you! Be Encouraged.)

People have asked, “Miracle what’s next, where are you headed” and my response has been “I believe that as I go, God will be my compass”. Many people aren’t willing to step out on faith especially when it means a lack of ” worldly” certainty concerning finances. However, my motivation for serving God, people and traveling to share the Gospel has never been for financial gain. My grandma can tell you that I preached and still do preach without ever asking for an offering. I have always lived my life this way and as a result of it, I’ve driven “orchid” (my free blessing) for the past 4 years, gone on vacation every year and have enjoyed life with my KING (God). I don’t say this to brag in any way but to simply illustrate the faithfulness of God, when you live with your heart open instead of your hand. I have served an amazing ministry in Canada that has taken care of literally every need, desire and possible want that I could have ever had and it didn’t come because I asked for it.

You see, in this season of life, God is challenging those who have been serving Him to come up a little higher and that will require something we’ve never done. This can be one of the most exciting steps not only in my life but also in the areas that God is challenging you as well. As I make this shift back to the United States (in a uhaul truck for 4 days), I am humbled by my loves here in Canada, knowing that this country will always be apart of me and my family here will always be my family. At the same time I am overwhelmed with excitement for what’s coming! I can’t fully explain to you what it’s like to not know what’s next, but at the same time to actually know what’s next. When you embrace and come into the reality that everything God has for you is GOOD and there are NO failed attempts in God, life takes on a whole new meaning!

I could be anywhere within the next few months sharing Jesus, from Walmart to television to radio to Ihop to Applebee’s to Church to your back-yard! Who knows!! There are no limits when you are living life with the King and I am so thankful that at 28 years I can say that God has been my everything since day 1. I have never been disappointed by God; even in my single-ness I have experienced a joy that I never knew while dating. I have joy that overflows daily and when I wake up in the morning, I’m smiling ready for what my King has for me. Though I’ve been on this road with the King for a long time (I literally preached my first sermon almost 20 years ago), I can hear God saying, “You haven’t seen nothing yet my daughter.” Life has been a journey and a book (which some of you have read) and I am so thankful to be #TeamJesusAllDay!!!!

I thank you in advance for your prayers and support as I continue to share Jesus everywhere that I go!

So, with all of this being said….As of June 2, 2015 the journey continues in the direction of the United States. First stop will be Pittsburgh! #SteelCity