While planning a trip or even packing can often become daunting, with the right resources; it can actually be easier than expected. As I prepare for 86 days overseas, I have learned a few things that have made the preparation like smooth sailing. I would have never ever imagined that with the right tools, packing could be simple!

Now, hear me out!! I always was the one that over packed and I paid overweight fees before departure. (so you can only imagine what my suitcase(s) look like when I return). However, I knew that when preparing for a trip of this magnitude (East Africa), I had to adopt new “packing patterns”.

76 days will be spent in East Africa and 10 days in London…Can you guess how many suitcases I have packed?????? Are you ready for this!?!?! I packed only 1!! 1 suitcase for 86 days and below you will see exactly how. I know you are very impressed…hahah I must admit I shocked myself as well. However, as you will see, my Top 10 items made it possible!

Enjoy and share with all of your traveling friends and family!! I hope these items save you some time, frustration, weight and money!!

#1 -Shacke Pak (Travel Cubes)

#2- Handheld Luggage Scale

#3- Handheld Portable Steamer

#4- TravelOn ID & Boarding Pass (w/ straps)

#5- Crossover Bag

#6- Collapsing Laundry Bag

#7- Private Document Carrier (Underclothes)

#8-Essential Oils (smells &medicinal)

#9-PooPouri ( for those who 🚽😝🔥)

#10-Fold Up Carrying Cart for Bags w/o wheels

# 1 Shacke Pak

I can honestly say, there is no way that I could has packed the way I have, without these. One of the larger cubes, literally has 14 dresses inside!! The clothes are not rolled but neatly folded.


#2 Handheld Luggage Scale

This a much needed item for the over packer and a money saver in the airport!


#3 Handheld Portable Steamer

For those who are never fans of wrinkles and don’t always have time to set up an iron board,while on the go..This is perfect!


#4 TravelOn ID and Boarding pass holder

This is perfect is you find yourself misplacing your boarding pass before you even get through security. It has straps, so can be worn around the neck.



#5 World Atlas Crossover Bag

Cross over bags are great for carrying simple items (phone,id,money,cards), while out and about…especially in markets.


#6 Collapsing Laundry Bag

I was one who used to bring extra plastic bags, but I now carry this handy laundry basket when I know I’ll have time to do laundry.


7 Private Document Carrier 

For Overseas travel especially, it’s important to have your passport, medical documents, etc with you at all times ; in case of an emergency. This carrier allows you to do discreetly. It fits nicely underneath your clothing, never being visible to others.


#8 Essential Oils

I travel with essential oils all of the time. They are great for various medicinal purposes as well as masking smells in enclosed places. A small dab under on the wrist or nostrils goes a long way.


#9 Poo-Pouri

This life saver will never leave you embarrassed because of “Oh NO” moments in public restrooms or visiting homes.


#10 Fold Up Carrying Cart 

This was a lifesaver for me and my shoulders. My two carry on bags had become too heavy but they didn’t have wheels. I our purchased this in the airport and strapped my bags on, worked like a charm. It folds up and fits under your seat.